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Jackson Hole Shrine Club Presents:

February 11 & 12, 2017
1 PM to 4 PM

Welcome to Jackson Hole Skijoring, the glorious clash of two counter cultures, extreme ski and rodeo.

Jackson Hole Shrine Club, Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board & Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
are proud to announce the 4th Annual Jackson Hole Skijoring, an event in which teams of riders, horses and skiers, will be traveling from states throughout the Rocky Mountain region to compete in what is rapidly becoming a landmark and highly anticipated Jackson Hole event. 

           Imagine a horse rearing up, then suddenly accelerating from zero to 40 in just three strides.  
           Imagine a skier grasping a 30 foot hemp rope and being towed over a snow covered course, 
           landing 6-8 foot jumps and capturing rings with a lance made from a sawed off ski pole.  
           Imagine the 900’ straight away lined with thousands of cheering spectators as the snow and ice fly.    
For more information, go to:

 www.jacksonholeskijoring.org or www.jacksonhole.com

or contact directly:

Kathryn Brackenridge of Teton Village Resort (307) 739-2770  kathryn.brackenridge@jacksonhole.com

Tom Needham, President Jackson Hole Shrine Club (307) 739-9045 needham.tom@gmail.com