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Effective on: 01/01/18

Jackson Hole Shrine Club Ski Joring Race Rules

Divisions: Open and Sport/Novice

  1. The Ski Joring Teams will have one run also known as (go-around) per day.

  2. It is the responsibility of the competitor to get his/her own pull (horse and rider) for the race.

  3. Time starts and stops when the skier crosses the start and finish lines respectively. 

  4. The skier must be in an upright position with rope in one hand and on at least one ski/snowboard when crossing the finish line. Both feet must break the plane of the finish line.

  5. There is a five (5) second penalty for each gate or jump missed. Both boots must go around the gate otherwise it considered missed.

  6. There is a five (5) second penalty for any horse breaking the plane of any timing device and disqualification for going over any jump.

  7. If the horse or rope displaces a gate prior to the skier negotiating it, the gate is considered missed. 

  8. If the skier loses the rope, prior to crossing the finish line, the team is disqualified for that run (go-around).

  9. If the rider, skier or horse is unable to complete their second run, they may not find a replacement. They are disqualified.

  10. If a competitor can’t complete their run due to interference or human error, they must withdraw and request a provisional rerun. If time is recorded there can be no rerun.

  11. Prior to race time, participants will be allowed to examine the course based upon the condition of the track and the race official’s discretion.

  12. Rope length shall not exceed 33 feet for straight course. Racers shall use ropes provided by Race Committee. 

  13. Attachment of the rope to the saddle will be the option of the rider as long as it complies with the following: a.) Attachment is to the saddle horn. b.) Attachment is within four (4) inches of the cantle (under strain). i.) Attachment will be directly to the primary rigging rings of the saddle construction with a non-elastic material. ii.) Connection of the pull rope to the saddle will be to the centerline of the horse with a carabineer type devise. iii.) Prior to the race a race official should inspect and approve any attachment to the saddle other than the saddle horn. 

  14. The Sparby Rule  (Staging Between Runs): Each team is allowed four minutes to complete staging and begin the race.  After this allotted time has expired, the competitors will be asked to leave the staging area. The team will be allowed one more attempt to race at the end of the division.  If the staging time is again exceeded, that team will be disqualified from that day’s competition.  The allotted four-minute time period will begin the declaration of a clear track.

  15. In the event that rings will be captured by the skier, batons will be required.  Rings must be on arm or in hand at the finish.   

  16. All skiers/snowboarders will be required to wear snow sport approved helmets. Eye protection is recommended.

  17. All equestrian competitors under 18 years of age are required to wear a SEI Certified ASTM Standard F 1163 Equestrian Helmet or an ASI safety approved helmet or better. 

  18. Competitors must be 16 years of age to compete in the Open or Sport/Novice divisions. Age is determined by February 1, 2018.  Exceptions can be granted only by written request to the race committee by the parents and parental waivers are required.  Written parental consent is required for participants under 18 years of age. Parent must be present at registration and at the event.  Proof of insurance for a minor must be presented at the time of registration.  

  19. The Race Committee will have a judging team of 3 people plus 1 alternate in case of conflict of interest. The Judges will be on site during all the races with a good view of the entire course. The Judges will only be required to give an opinion if there is a formal protest filed.

  20. The decision of the Judges is final and video reviews will not be considered. Protests are to be in written form and submitted with a cash $50.00 protest fee to the registration stand within 15 minutes of the run in question. The jury will review each protest in accordance with race rules and a decision will be handed down before the end of competitors division. If the protest is granted the $50.00 fee is returned.

  21. To ensure that the sport of ski joring remains fun and a family environment, the following sportsmanship policy has been adopted by all registered competitors and will be in effect at all races. Sportsmanship will be required from all participants. Skijoring officials, field flaggers, and all race officials will have the power to give out warnings or disqualify any person or team that they deem is acting in an unsportsmanlike manner. Failure to heed warnings from any race personnel may result in disqualification. Mistreating any horse, inappropriate language towards officials, spectators, or other competitors, and throwing or mistreatment of equipment, shall be grounds for disqualification.

  22.  There will be a veterinarian at our disposal who has the authority to scratch any horse for medical or discretionary reasons. Should there be an addition to the existing rules, they will be brought to your attention at registration. Please email your questions to Lou Scarlett at scarlett7700@yahoo.com or Tom Needham at needham.tom@gmail.com

  23. The race results will be announced and posted immediately following the end of competition with presentation of prize money and awards immediately following Sunday's race at the Teton Village Race Track. 

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